About Us

At Taqwa Boys Madrasah

At Taqwa Boys Madrasah is an Islamic institute for boys established in 2003 by the late Hazrat Ml Yunus Patel sb (Rahimahullah).

Great emphasis is placed on the acquisition of  Deeni knowledge and the development of morality and noble character.
All subjects are centered around the moulding of character and Tarbiya of pupils. Effort is made to create a disciplined and harmonious atmosphere condusive for the nurturing of sublime conduct.

The Madrasah covers a diverse variety of relevant subjects whilst also offering a Hifz programme for both full-time and part-time pupils.

In order to maintain a shar’i environment primary pupils are taught by female educators whilst senior boys are taught by male educators in two separate buildings.

May Allah Ta’aala take the institute from strength to strength and make it a means of perpetual reward for all those who are, and were involved in it.

May Allah Ta’aala keep the institute firmly established on the way of Quran and Sunnah as shown to us by our pious predecessors. Ameen.

Motto of The Madrasah:

“Mai jaha bhi rahu jis fiza mai rahu mera Taqwa hamesha salaamat rahe”.

This is part of an Urdu poem composed by Hazrat Ml Hakeem Muhammed Akhtar sb. (R.a). The literal translation is: ‘Wherever I am, in whichever environment i find myself, let my Taqwa always remain sound’. This encourages both our educators and pupils to maintain and be concerned about this crucial aspect of Islam; Taqwa. Which simply put, is the conscious awareness that Allah Ta’aala is watching one, hence one should never engage in any action or activity that is displeasing to Him.

Logo of The Madrasah:

It features the words ‘At Taqwa’ in arabic with a golden book on a rihl (book stand). Rays emit therefrom and a blue dome is depicted above it.

At Taqwa: This is the name of the institute selected by the late Hz Ml Yunus Patel sb. (r.a). This Arabic word means Allah consciousness and is greatly emphasised in the Qur’an Sharif and Hadeeth Sharif.

The Rihl : This implies the respect demanded for the Qur’an Sharif whose Nisbat (connection) is with Allah Ta’aala. Since the Qur’an Sharif is the word of Allah Ta’aala it should always be treated with the greatest respect.  It also encourages respect in general.

The Golden Book: This depicts the great value of the Qur’an Sharif and all that is contained therein.

The Rays: This depicts the great noor (spiritual effulgence) which permeates from the Qur’an Sharif which has the capacity; if implemented in ones life; to remove the darkness of misery, depression, oppression and all evil.

The blue above the Qur’an Sharif: This represents the world and the fact that the Qur’an Sharif has the potential to brighten the entire world from the darkness of oppression and evil.

The dome: This represents the oneness of Allah Ta’aala. Everything returns to one point. Allah Ta’aala is totally independant and all are totally dependant upon Him.