Maulana Yusuf Desai is the Ameer of At Taqwa Madrasah, appointed by the late Hazrat Ml Yunus Patel sb (Rahimahullah) in 2008. Maulana has been serving the institute since, and has been the principal since 2014.

Maulana was the deputy Imam of Masjid e Noor, Asherville (Durban) during the life of Hazrat Ml Yunus Patel sb (Rahimahullah) from 2004 to 2011 and continued to make Imaamat at Masjid e Noor until 2020.

Thereafter Maulana was offered an Imaamat post in the Glenwood area. Looking at the need to serve deen in this area, Maulana is now rendering services in this area. Maulana is currently the Imaam of Musallah Umar Al Farouk in Glenwood.

Maulana is also the Khalifa of Hazrat Ml Hakeem Muhammad Mazhar sb (D.b).

May Allah Ta’aala continuously guide Maulana and grant him the best of health and strength to continue rendering his services.

Maulana may be contacted hereunder:


Masjid e Noor 

  • Southern End