Hifzul Hadeeth Challenge

The Madrasah had initiated a challenge for our pupils in order to encourage them towards the memorisation of the profound and blessed words of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam. This challenge has served it’s intended objective by motivating our pupils towards this noble task.

When it initially commenced in 2014, our Grade 9 learners had memorised 60 Ahadeeth from Zaadut Taalibeen. This year, with the help of Allah Ta’aala, our Grade 9 pupils have memorised 250 Ahadeeth! May Allah Ta’aala accept the efforts of all.

Hifzul Hadeeth 2019

These were the positions achieved by the participants last year:

Positions for the 2019 Hifzul Hadeeth Finals.
Grade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
1st PositionHaroon MeraajAbdur Rahman Abdi FattahMubashir AbdiAhmed Kadwa
2nd PositionIbraheem MuhammadUsayd ParukSulaimaan CheniaMahmood Choughuley
3rd PositionAkhmad GaffurovYunus VorajeeMuaaz CajeeMuhammed Abdi
Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7
1st PositionHudaifa AbdiAbu Bakr DesaiAhmad DesaiYusuf Vawda
2nd PositionShuaib FamauMuhammad Musab MallMahmood DesaiAhmad Ismail
3rd PositionAbdullah SemirYasin Waleed KarimHasan AbdullahiMuhammad Mu’aawiyah Choughuley
Grade 8Grade 9
1st PositionAbdullah AdamMuhammed Bilal Bhaiyat
2nd PositionMuhammad Zaheer VorajeeMuhammad Imraan Vorajee
3rd PositionHafiz Adur Rahmaan Seedat

Hifzul Hadeeth 2018

These were the positions achieved by the participants last year:

Positions for the 2018 Hifzul Hadeeth Finals.
Grade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
1st PositionHaroon MeraajMubashir AbdiMahmood ChoughuleyHudaifa Abdi
2nd PositionYunus VorajeeAhmed DhoomaMuhammed AbdiAbdullah Dhooma
3rd PositionMohammed Ilyas MullaSulaimaan CheniaAli UmarAbu Bakr Jadwat
Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7
1st PositionMuhammad Musab MallAhmad DesaiYusuf VawdaMuhammad Zaheer Vorajee
2nd PositionAbu Bakr DesaiMahmood DesaiMuhammad Mu’aawiyah ChoughuleyHafiz Adur Rahmaan Seedat
3rd PositionYasin Waleed KarimUsayd AdamjeeAhmad IsmailMuhammed Essop
Grade 8Grade 9
1st PositionMuhammed Bilal BhaiyatAbdur Rahmaan Sulaiman
2nd PositionMuhammad Imraan VorajeeMuhammad Hamza Siddy Ganie
3rd PositionHaafiz Saufwaan Danka

Hifzul Hadeeth 2017

These were the positions achieved by the participants in 2017:

Positions for the 2017 Hifzul Hadeeth Finals.
Grade 0Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
1st PositionSulaimaan CheniaAhmad KadwaAbu Bakr JadwatAbu Bakr Desai
2nd PositionAhmad DhoomaMahmood ChoughuleyMuaaz BassaHanzalah Haffejee
3rd PositionShaheed NtshibidaShaahid Goolam HafizSwalahudeen RashidHuzaifah Bassa
Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7
1st PositionUmar EbrahimAhmad IsmailTalha Bassa Muhammad Vorajee
2nd PositionMahmood DesaiYusuf VawdaAbdullah AdamBilal Bhaiyat
3rd PositionAhmad DesaiAhmad MahomedyMuhammad Vorajee
Grade 8Grade 9
1st PositionAbdur Rahmaan SulaimanYahya Bassa
2nd PositionHfz Saufwaan DankaAhmad Amod
3rd PositionMuaaz SalejeeHfz Suhayl Mahomed

Some feedback from the 2017 Hifzul Hadeeth Challenge:

“السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته”
” It was a great pleasure and an awesome rush of adrenalin to listen to the boys recite the hadeeth last night.i am sure it would give some peace to Nabi saw to know that thousand of miles away from Madinah munawarra kids are believing and learning the words that passed thru Nabi saw mubarak lips.ALLAH taala accept and reward moulana and all those that are making effort in this regard.
Thank you for allowing us to spend time in a most peaceful way and to get closer to the deen.”

Another response: ” Mashallah well done to the ustaads and apas for all their efforts and time they investing in these students.May Allah reward u and ur entire family for the tremendous effort url making for Deen. ”

Audio of the Hizul Hadeeth Challenge:

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